Tuesday 6 August 2002

Better Regulation TaskForce Report

1. Better Regulation TaskForce Reports
2. What are your burning questions?

1. Better Regulation TaskForce Report

The government has announced it intends to implement a number of recommendations of the Better Regulation TaskForce Report (see bulletin 16/5/02). Note that this is completely separate from Janet Gaymer's Employment TaskForce Report, which was published last week.

The government intends to:
• pilot free or subsidised employment law advice visits to
employers of less than 50 employees;
• run a number of pilot schemes giving a shared HR resource to
small firms;
• most significantly, consult on how harmonising start dates for domestic regulations
could best work in practice
The third of those will, if implemented, be an immense relief to employers and lawyers alike, who will only have to grapple with one or two commencement dates a year.

2. What are your Burning Questions?

I am putting together a course for Central Law Training entitled:

'Unfair Dismissal: Your Top 10 Questions Answered'

It would be of great help if people could Email me with one or two (or more!) questions that they would find of interest at such a seminar. If you're willing to give me any ideas, please use this Email.

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