Thursday 15 July 2004

Disability Discrimination

In the rush of excitement over the last bulletin, I said the draft Bill introduced a questionnaire procedure under the DDA 1995. This is for claims under Part III of the Act: there is, of course, already a questionnaire procedure for claims under Part II (employment).

Of greater importance is the fact that I have had the grand total of five responses to my question asking for the connection between firefighters, police officers and barristers. They are:
  • "You don't want to meet any of them"
  • "ers" (I had to think about that one for a moment)
  • "they are all (allegedly) looking to beat something: flames; prisoners; opponents"
  • "they all wear funny costumes" (err.... yes)
  • "firefighters attend to the work of the arsonist, barristers represent the arsonist and prison officers look after the arsonist after the barrister has failed in his attempts to keep his client from being convicted" (oh, please!)
And the prize goes to... Roger James of Taylor Vintners for "they are all (allegedly) looking to beat something: flames; prisoners; opponents". A complimentary copy of the Law Society Handbook on Employment Law is winging its way to you in the DX - how lucky are you?

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