Thursday 3 November 2005

Very Important Bulletin

The downloadable .pdf Claim and Response Forms on the ETS website are not in the prescribed form

As readers will know, tribunals are now rejecting Claim and Response Forms that are not the 'official' versions. These include in-house computer forms and forms by commercial organisations such as Laserform.

I have just been told (and checked - it's right!!) that some downloadable .pdf versions of the Claim and Response Forms that are on the ETS website are the old forms which are not valid.

To get the correct forms go to the ETS website at

Click "Publications" at the top of the page.

The links to the correct forms appear in the main text on that page.

The incorrect forms appear if, instead, you click 'Download' on the left-hand side (rather than 'Publications' at the top) of the ETS homepage. The forms that are then offered for downloading are the old, incorrect forms. The Claim Form does not contain box 11 (disability discrimination claims) or box 13 (mutliple cases), and the Response Form does not contain boxes 1.5 to 1.8


[Thanks to Paula Lawn at Butcher Andrews for providing this information]

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