Wednesday 27 September 2006

Its all happening Sunday...

Sunday, 1st October 2006 sees new employment legislation come into force. Here are the highlights...

Age Discrimination
Yup, we must have all missed that one. Full details here.

New rights for mums
Expectant women who are less than three months pregnant as on 1st October get various new rights with effect from 1st April 2007. Key points include six months' ordinary maternity leave, six months' additional maternity leave - irrespective of length of service. Also, employers can make 'reasonable' contact with women on maternity leave, without fear of being sued for constructive dismissal, sex discrimination and everything else under the sun. Likewise, women can do some work whilst on maternity leave without losing their entitlement to SMP. Importantly, those returning early from maternity leave will need to give eight weeks' notice (previously 28 days). Full details here.

It becomes a criminal offence for gangmasters to operate without a license. Frankly, I wouldn't know what an unlicensed gangmaster looked like if he kicked me in the teeth (which he probably would!).

Minimum Wage
Increases to £5.35 for those aged 22+, £4.45ph for 18-21 year olds, and £3.30ph for 16 and 17 year olds. Oh yes, and 25p ph for lawyers doing criminal legal aid. Details here.

Collective Redundancies
Section 193 of TULR(C)A 1992 is amended to provide that notice of redundancy must be given to the DTI at least 30 days before giving notice to terminate an employee's contract of employment (rather than before the actual dismissal date). Sounds like Junk to me (think about it!).

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