Monday 3 September 2007

Employment Tribunal Statistics

The Tribunals Service has just published the 2006/07 employment tribunal statistics (some of the headline statistics were included in the ETS annual report in July - these stats are far more detailed).

Headline points:

  • number of cases brought increased by 15%
  • number of cases disposed of increased by 19%
  • 972 (of 238,546) jurisdictions claimed were age discrimination (note the statistics cover 1st Apr 06 to 31st Mar 07 - and age discrimination only came in on 1st Oct 06, so this should be doubled to get a true pro rata figure)
  • equal pay and unfair dismissal came out tops, each with about 44,000 (of 238,546) jurisdictions
  • 8% of submitted claims were rejected. Of those, about one-third were resubmitted and accepted.

Much of the increase can be attributed to the substantial number of local authority equal pay claims.

Also of interest, is that the EAT heard 432 cases at a full hearing, a decrease of 22% on the year before.

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