Tuesday 15 April 2008

Constructive Dismissal

Here's a dare: read this judgment of the EAT and try not to laugh...

In this sorry story of bullying within a Peugeot dealership in Oxford, learn about the manager who "habitually grabbed colleagues...in the testicles" and called a senior salesman "the old parsonage", "old buzzard" and "old git". Try not to imagine the "hairdryer treatment" (aka Sir Alex Ferguson) dealt out to underperforming salesmen, or the peculiar games played with airguns and mini motorbikes...

Anyway, the EAT decided that such conduct was plainly and unarguably likely to destroy the employment relationship, and overturned the tribunal's finding that there had not been a constructive dismissal (substituting a finding that there was one).

Parsons v Bristol Street Motors

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