Monday 22 July 2013

Important: Starting Claims before new Fee Regime

The new employment tribunal fees regime arrives in a week, on Monday, 29th July 2013.

If you are planning to issue any Claim Forms before then, in order to avoid your client(s) paying fees, the Ministry of Justice has announced the latest time it will accept online submission of Claim Forms is 4pm on Friday, 26th July.  You will not be able to issue claims online over the weekend.

The new ET1 claim form will go live next Monday.  It is not yet known what it looks like, or what information it requires.

See here for the MOJ's information on the above.  And if you need to know anything about fees, or the myriad of other employment changes, come to this (but only if you can get to London or Manchester - the other venues have been and gone).

(and well done to the eagle-eyed Stefania Falford from Lennons, who spotted this and posted iton Twitter).

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