Sunday 6 April 2014

Acas Early Conciliation Form

It's just gone midnight on 6th April. Early Conciliation is now available. And having arrived back from a very good dinner with friends in Shoreditch, I've discovered the Acas Early Conciliation Form has been published.  So has the Acas Early Conciliation website.

Three points spring to mind immediately as I type this:-

1.  It's not easy for Claimants to find.  It needs three (specific) clicks from the Acas home page, a lot of reading, and a lot of scrolling down the third page.

2.  It might be open to legal challenge.  The Regulations provide that the compulsory information required on the form is the Claimant and Respondent's name and address.  The actual Early Conciliation Form also requires Claimants to include both their telephone number and the Respondent's telephone number. The Form cannot be submitted online without that information.  That is arguably a barrier to completion not permitted by the legislation.

3.  Join this (£).  Seriously.


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