Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Acas Early Conciliation

Earlier this year, the law changed so that anyone thinking of making an employment tribunal claim has to contact Acas first. Acas has, today, published the Early Conciliation statistics for the first quarter (6 April to 30 June 2014).

During April (when the scheme was voluntary), about 1,000 people contacted Acas each week. During May and June (when it has been compulsory), about 1,600 people have contacted Acas each week. The total number of requests for early conciliation is just over 17,000 during the quarter. Of those, 3% of the first contact comes from the employer rather than the employee.

Of the (approx) 11,000 cases which both began and ended their Early Conciliation period during the quarter, 16.5% resulted in a successful settlement (and a further 19% of employees told Acas they were not proposing to take the matter further).

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